Android 13 is now installed on 12% of all handsets.

April 14, 2023 (5 months ago)

Google used to publish statistics on the distribution of Android versions on a webpage that was open to the public. The corporation is being much less transparent these days, probably as a result of how viciously Apple has derided its mobile OS for the sluggish rate at which devices get to run the newest versions.

The most recent update was in January, and there is a fresh one now.

The market share of Android 13 smartphones has more than doubled, from 5% to 12.1%. That’s excellent performance when you consider the context, which is that Android 13 has been available for about eight months.

At the time Android 12 initially appeared on the list, over a year after it was released, it only held 13.3% of the market share. At this rate, Android 12’s successor will undoubtedly surpass it. Last year, Samsung significantly improved its update strategy, but Chinese firms like Oppo, OnePlus, and Realme were also quite swift.

The peculiarity of the current chart is that, despite being released around two and a half years ago, Android 11 from 2020 still commands the top spot with a 23.5% market share. That surpasses the combined 16.5% share of Android 12 and Android 12L.



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