Apple iOS 17 features are leaks.

May 17, 2023 (5 months ago)

Apple has already published quite a few of the new accessibility features coming to iOS 17 before its official release! now we will discuss some major features of upcoming iOS 17 before officially launching it.

1. Assistive Access ⁣:

Assistive Access encompasses a personalized experience for Phone and FaceTime, which have been integrated into a unified Calls application, along with Messages, Camera, Photos, and Music. This functionality provides a unique interface with prominently displayed buttons and labels in high contrast text, as well as resources to aid authorized assistants in modifying the user’s experience according to their needs.

2. Detection Mode :

People with visual impairments may interact more easily with real items that have various text labels thanks to Magnifier’s Point and Speak function. Point and Speak vocalises the text on each button as the user moves their finger over the keypad by using the camera, LiDAR scanner, and machine learning capabilities on the device.

3. Live Speech⁣ :⁣

On the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, users may submit text that will be spoken aloud during FaceTime and phone calls, as well as in-person conversations, using the Live Speech function. Additionally, users may save commonly used phrases to rapidly add to lively conversations with their friends, loved ones, and colleagues.

live speech

4. Personal Voice⁣ :

⁣ On the iPhone and iPad, users may create a personal voice by recording 15 minutes of voice while following a random assortment of written prompts. This speech-related capability makes use of on-device machine learning to safeguard the privacy and security of the user’s data and seamlessly connects with Live Speech to let users speak with loved ones in their own voice.

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