May 2, 2023 (5 months ago)

Rumours  About iPhone 16 :

Apple will introduce the long-awaited iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro versions later this year. The series will have a tonne of improvements over the earlier editions, as per all the current rumours. Furthermore, it’s not as if the upcoming smartphones will only have internal improvements. Additionally, external changes will occur. You might wonder what Apple will do with the iPhone 16 series in light of that.

It is indeed too early to predict what the iPhone 16 range will include. Concept designers are unaffected by this, though. An updated camera configuration and an Action button on the body are included in a brand-new iPhone 16 Pro concept. Even though it’s only a concept, the images make you wonder whether the next generation of iPhones will actually look like this.


A significant design update was set to be made to the next iPhone 15 series. Solid-state volume buttons were meant to be included with it. The phones would now appear and feel very different from earlier generations as a result. However, it’s been said that Apple scrapped that plan and will instead work on it for the iPhone 16 series.

The iPhone 15 Pro versions will thus lack solid-state volume buttons in favour of discrete physical keys. As a result, the upcoming phones would resemble iPhone 14 Pro versions almost exactly. Hopefully, the iPhone 16 Pro models will bring about a change. However, it seems that the design is stuck on the button layout.

In addition, the Action button is clarified by the iPhone 16 Pro idea. The iPhone 15 Pro versions will have this button for the first time. And as you may have suspected, this button will function similarly to the Action Button on the Apple Watch. In other words, you may map it to carry out a variety of tasks, including calling Siri or starting an app.

Expanded Camera Layout?

The hypothetical phone envisions two pairs of cameras on separate islands. Within a circular housing, there are vertical stacks of camera islands. With the release of the iPhone 12, Apple last significantly altered how its phones’ cameras are organised. And it appears that the proposed iPhone 16 Pro will maintain the iPhone 11‘s very similar camera design. Of course, it seems like the camera hardware has been upgraded.

Last but not least, the idea iPhone 16 Pro envisions the smartphone coming in a variety of colours. Perhaps the designer was inspired by the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus’s rumoured colour options. After all, the iPhone 15 range may seem more bright and dynamic with those two colour options.

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