Dummy iPhone 15 Pro Displays Out New Buttons, USB-C, and More

April 12, 2023 (5 months ago)

There are rumours that the next iPhone 15 Pro duo would have titanium frames rather than stainless steel. Additionally, according to sources, the Pro versions will move to solid-state buttons, just as the Home key on vintage iPhones did.

An iPhone 15 Pro design that was obtained by someone has a significantly different button layout from the 14 series. The Volume rocker has been lengthened, possibly to make it more convenient to operate now that it doesn’t actually rock.


If you can’t move the switch, how will the Ring/Silent switch function? It won’t; instead, a “Action button” modelled after the Apple Watch Ultra is reportedly what Apple will use in its place. Above the volume rocker, there is a new button.

With Apple already switching to eSIM-only for US iPhone 14 devices, it is unknown how many nations will have the option of a SIM card tray below that. The loss of the Lightning port in favour of USB-C is one change that is undoubtedly occurring. Despite the fact that all models will receive the new port, only the Pros will support a high-speed connection (UFS 3.2 or Thunderbolt 3), according to Ming-Chi Kuo.



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