Geekbench has discovered Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE/Lite variants.

April 8, 2023 (6 months ago)

Devices from Samsung that are thought to be the Galaxy Tab S9 FE/Lite have appeared on Geekbench. Both have the model number SM-X616B, whereas one has SM-X516B.

The Exynos 1380 SoC powers both devices, which both run Android 13. While the SM-X616B has 8GB of RAM, the SM-X516B only has 6GB. They have various scores as well. The performance of the SM-X516B was higher, but because they are probably pre-production models, it is preferable to wait till the retail versions to assess them.

Both of the benchmarks that are available demonstrate that single-core and multi-core performance is comparable between the two devices. The SM-X516B tablet, which should be the less expensive, smaller Galaxy Tab S9 FE type, has 6GB of RAM, while the SM-X616B, which might feature a larger display and cost more, has 8GB of RAM.

Given that it debuted the original Galaxy Tab S7 FE in the month of May, Samsung will likely announce the Galaxy Tab S9 FE tablets at Unpacked in August-September, if not even earlier. The naming method, though, is still a mystery, so it’s not obvious if the two tablets will share a name or have titles that reflect their screen sizes, or if one Fan Edition edition would also be branded as a “Plus” model. One of them will undoubtedly be more affordable than the other, however it’s unclear how Samsung will distinguish between them at the moment.


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