Google Now Launcher will be quit in April.

April 6, 2023 (6 months ago)

The Google Now Launcher, which centred the user interface on Google Now cards, debuted alongside Android almost ten years ago. The Nexus 5’s basic launcher will no longer be supported starting in April.

A message stating “Your launcher will change to your device’s default launcher” will appear on Google Now Launcher-equipped devices, according to the most recent beta of the Google app (v14.14).

For quite some time, the Google Now Launcher has been losing ground. While Google switched to Pixel Launcher for its own phones in 2017, OEM launchers were given access to its primary feature, the Google Now service. GNL continued to receive information via the Google app, but the Now’s usefulness declined as Assistant took precedence.

The very small number of people who continue to use Google Now Launcher can only do so if they decide never to update their Google app again. However, if users continue to use the launcher, they are likely not getting any updates in the first place.


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