Google updates the Pixel 6 series’ cameras, increasing Night Sight.

April 9, 2023 (6 months ago)

The updated Night Sight was first introduced with the Pixel 7 series, and as promised, the firm is now introducing the most recent camera feature set to its older Pixel 6 family. The new zoom bar that debuted on the Pixel 7 smartphones, however, was not made available for the Pixel 6, as pointed out by 9to5Google.

Regardless, the upgrades to Night Sight are a major accomplishment. Due to a 50% reduction in exposure time, it is now faster. Since there is less blur and the images are substantially clearer, Night Sight photographs are the outcome. Google worked on the noise-reduction HDR+ with Bracketing in addition to the specific night mode.

Owners of the Pixel 6 would notice a new toggle when switching to Night Sight that allows them to select between a quick Night Sight or a slower one with more exposure. Depending on the situation, the range can be anywhere between 2 and 6 seconds. You won’t require the 6-second exposure in well-lit areas.

You can either try updating through the Play Store or wait for the automatic upgrade since Google Camera version 8.8 is reportedly being widely handed out.


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