India has a first-quarter shipping reduction of 20%.

April 19, 2023 (5 months ago)

A difficult start to the year was revealed in Canalys’ report on the Indian market, which was published. Only 30 million shipments were made total by all companies, a 20% annual decline in the market.

Only Oppo saw a spectacular 18% growth in shipments, which enabled the manufacturer to surpass vivo and Xiaomi and climb into second position. Four out of the top five firms experienced a fall in shipments.

mobile data of first Q1 for Indian market

According to a Canalys researcher, weak demand caused the Indian market to suffer in the first quarter of the year. To react to shifting customer behaviour, businesses are realigning their strategy. To ensure a long-term position in the market, they optimise R&D, local sourcing, manufacturing, retail, and manufacturing.


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