The Galaxy S23 series is outselling the S22 series, with the S23 Ultra taking the lead.

April 6, 2023 (6 months ago)

Samsung expected the Galaxy S23 series to outsell its predecessor, and it has succeeded.

On the eve of the Galaxy S23 series’ debut in Japan on April 20, the company revealed that the trio has outsold its forebears by 1.7 times in Latin America, 1.5 times in Europe and the Middle East, and 1.4 times in India.

In South Korea, the series reached one million units in a similar timeframe to the Galaxy S22 series. Samsung will commemorate the one millionth transaction in South Korea by rewarding buyers with KRW 100,000 vouchers or damage compensation.

Samsung stated that the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the series’ flagship model, accounts for 60% of total sales, with the Galaxy S23 and S23+ each accounting for 20%. It would have been ideal if Samsung had provided real figures.

On April 20, Samsung will release the Galaxy S23 series in Japan, as well as in some Middle Eastern and African nations.

Samsung’s pre-order bonuses undoubtedly paid off, as did the new 200MP main camera and the fact that the complete lineup was built around the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy exclusively.


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