The vivo X Fold2 is approved for 120W fast charging.

April 5, 2023 (6 months ago)

This month, the vivo X Fold2 will be unveiled, and today, we heard about a significant upgrade that will be made to the new foldable. The 120W charging rates on the V2266A device are a significant increase over the 80W rates on the previous X Fold+ phone, which was certified on 3C (China Compulsory Certification, also CCC).

The updated phone is compatible with vivo adapters with 20V at 6A charging, model numbers V12060L0A0-CN and V12060L1B0-CN. Even though it was only available in China, the X Fold+ was already the market’s fastest-charging foldable smartphone, but the X Fold2 will raise the standard even further.

Although vivo claims a 10% lighter body, which translates to about 280 grammes of weight for the X Fold2, the charging rates may be rising, along with them the internal design for heat dissipation. We don’t yet know if the 50W wireless and 10W reverse wireless charging capabilities from the predecessor are even still enabled.


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