Redmi has developed a 300W fully charge a phone battery in 5 minutes.

March 2, 2023 (9 months ago)

Just four months after becoming the first brand to exceed the 200W mark, Redmi revealed 300W fast-charging technology. A phone can charge from zero to one hundred percent in under five minutes, according to a Xiaomi subsidiary, which subsequently released a video with more information on the technology.

In a controlled setting, the company used a customised Redmi Note 12 Discovery smartphone with a 4,100 mAh battery (the original model has a dual 4,300 mAh cell). The gadget reached 50% in 2 minutes and 11 seconds, and the battery reached 100% in just under 5 minutes.

It’s interesting to note that the 300W claim is only just true, even if the footage is directly from Redmi’s Weibo account. The smartphone briefly hits 290W before reverting to less-powerful (though still impressive) charging rates; 300W is the maximum theoretical power that the charger and battery are capable of producing, but the device is capping out for safety.

Redmi claimed that despite having “more than 50 safety protections” and Double GaN technology, the adapter itself still maintains a small dimension. The Xiaomi company did not provide an ETA for the release of a real smartphone equipped with the technology.

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