Use This Leaked Map To Get A Glimpse Of GTA 6 Massive World

March 21, 2023 (6 months ago)


Leaks for GTA VI are pouring in. The “first screenshot” of the game was recently shown to us. The map has now had a minor section of it leak. Furthermore, although being a “little piece” of the whole map, its magnitude conveys a lot. That makes us think that Grand Theft Auto VI’s gaming world will be enormous. Yet, it appears that there are two new GTA VI images. Also, there is some fresh information in both screenshots.


Hence, the first screenshot, which Reddit user pstuddy uploaded, depicts an unidentified figure. The guy seems to be standing in some sort of manufacturing yard. Even while we already know that the protagonist of GTA VI will be a woman, this suggests that there may be more playable characters. Just like Grand Theft Auto V, yes.

The individual who uploaded the second screenshot also displays the area of the map. It is difficult to see the map’s finer elements because the image has a very low quality. But, as one Redditor hypothesised, the piece of the GTA VI map that was released may have been inspired by the Sebring Circuit.

In addition, it appears that the portion of the map that was revealed included highways, buildings, and factories. Most crucially, the map area could be in a rural area. The leaker didn’t offer or divulge any other details about the stolen screenshots. But these two photos have undoubtedly gotten GTA VI fans excited.

Yet, it’s wise to consider all of these disclosures in moderation. The chunk of the map that was released might not even be in GTA VI’s finished product. Even still, we do appreciate any leaks related to the game because Rockstar is simply waiting too long to release it.

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