Capcom Spotlight

March 14, 2023 (9 months ago)


At the publisher’s Capcom Spotlight broadcast the following week, Capcom will showcase further information on forthcoming titles like Resident Evil 4.

The Capcom Spotlight, which is scheduled for March 9th, will be broadcast on the Capcom YouTube account and Twitch channel at the following times:

  • Pre-show: 2:10pm PT / 5:10pm ET / 10:10pm GMT / 11:10pm CET
  • Main Show: 2:30pm PT / 5:30pm PT / 10:30pm GMT / 11:30pm CET

In addition to Resident Evil 4, Exoprimal, Monster Hunter Rising, Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, and Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, Capcom has stated that the show will include a wide range of video games.

It’s unclear if the pre-show and main broadcast are included in the games that are mentioned. If not, the 20 minutes before the big Capcom Spotlight could offer some additional, smaller games.

Fans of Capcom video games are living in an exciting time. The March 24th release date of the Resident Evil 4 remake is just around the horizon. One of the Japanese studio’s next flagship games, Exoprimal, has not yet had a specific release date set beyond 2023. As a result, we could learn a specific date in next week’s Capcom Spotlight.

Earlier this month, a Nintendo Direct included an announcement about the remake of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. Currently slated for mid-2023, it will provide high-definition images to the 2011 DS version.

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