Everyone Is Excited When The “First Screenshot” Of Gta 6 Leaked

March 16, 2023 (8 months ago)


Although it may not seem like it, GTA 6’s release date is drawing more and nearer with each passing day. Yet it’s true that a lot of us have been impatiently awaiting the next major Grand Theft Auto game for what seems like an eternity. The “first screenshot” of the game has recently leaked, which is wonderful news.

In case you missed it, Rockstar was the target of a significant cyberattack in 2016. As a result, we got to view the game’s very first iteration. The fact that the game is being developed and is probably going to be released shortly was also verified. Yet, this GTA 6 leak is much more polished than the prior one. Does it mean that the game is about to begin, then?


Thus, a Reddit user posted the screenshot, which is a still image of a playable female character. A female character will be the lead, as we have learned from previous GTA 6 leaks. Given that, it is reasonable to conclude that the leak is in line.

Nevertheless, it appears that the other characters in the GTA 6 screenshot leak are test dummies. Also, there is a possibility that the image is related to the significant leak we received last year, despite the fact that the texture and colours appear rather polished.

If not, the game is unquestionably moving in the right way. Even by the standards of an incomplete game, these graphics are genuinely some of the greatest I’ve ever seen, as one user said. Also, the GTA 6 screenshot is enthusing enthusiasts about the gameplay at night.

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