Concept Art For The Mutants From Stalker 2 Was Leaked To The Network In Response To Gsc Game World’s Official Statement.

March 13, 2023 (9 months ago)


“Messenger of the Same Stalker” released screenshots and details about the persistent shooter STALKER 2 on the eve of the VK-public. GSC Game World representatives responded to the disclosure today. The developers claimed that intimidating or using blackmail against them is pointless.

As a result, the “Herald of the Same Stalker” kept up with his pledge to post fresh content. In the evening, concept art for the mutants that players of STALKER 2 may encounter while exploring the game’s universe was released.

The fact that GSC Game World refuses to change their approach towards the gamers saddens the developers of the VK public.

Sadly, the corporation reacts hostilely to requests to review relationships with common participants, but we prefer to wait until the very last minute to put out the most crucial details. They are depicted as being well known, similar to recycled rats that were intended for the original game in the series, such as snork, jerboa, pseudo-giant, and others.

Yet, there is still room for improvement for developers. The most crucial “Messenger of That Same Stalker” is still pending posting.

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