The First Android 15 Information Has Already Leaked!

March 5, 2023 (7 months ago)


Android, the well-known mobile operating system, has a long history of giving its many iterations cute names. The business, however, has abandoned this custom in recent years and chosen to use more straightforward number designations in its place. In spite of this modification, Google has still using code names for each version that are connected to sweets.


For example, Android 11 was known as Red Velvet Cake internally, and Android 12 was dubbed Snow Cone. With Android 13, the business chose to abandon the sweet-themed code names. and chose a different course of action. Internally, the operating system was known as a “Swing,” which is seen in the monument that Google erected in honour of the most recent release of the software.

With Android 14, Google appears to be reverting to its sweet beginnings. This is also known internally as Android U or Upside Down Cake. In February 2023, Android 14 received its first official developer preview. giving the forthcoming OS system’s cute code name.

Today, there are rumours claiming that Android 15’s codename will be Android V, short for Vanilla Ice Cream. Several engineers have reportedly discovered indications of this code name within the operating system’s code, according to Mishaal Rahman, a dependable source in the Android community.

It’s important to note that each Android release’s code names are normally reserved for internal usage. and aren’t being used for marketing or advertising. Still, it’s intriguing that we already know what Android 15’s codename is. Since it implies that Google is making preparations for the next release already.

In conclusion, Android fans all across the world will be thrilled by Google’s decision to return to sweet themed code names for its next Android updates. Although though the code names are only intended for internal usage, they provide users a window into the inventive process that went into creating one of the most well-liked mobile operating systems ever.

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