From This Year, Bmw Will Be Using Android In Their Cars!

March 9, 2023 (7 months ago)


The impact of technology on the automobile sector is nothing new. It is evident that automobiles are becoming more technologically advanced than ever before with the advent of electric vehicles and the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies like self-driving capabilities. The utilisation of operating systems is a key component of this technological transformation, and Android is setting the pace in this area.


As of now, several significant manufacturers are adopting Android, which is swiftly growing in popularity in the automobile sector. German producers have done the same this year. Yet, they are not quite prepared to fully commit to Google just yet. Instead, they are employing Android software, with BMW joining the mix as of November’s first.

A preview of the BMW Operating System 9 was revealed as a component of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023. A recent screenshot of the updated user interface was made public, revealing the altered organisation of the operating system. This upgrade will be applied to other BMW cars this year, and the BMW Operating System 8.5 will also get a similar makeover. Beginning in the summer, this version will be offered in the BMW i4, BMW iX, and BMW i7. It is important to remember that OS 8.5 is not yet based on Android.

Beginning with the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer and BMW X1 or BMW iX1, BMW intends to roll out OS 9 in November. It seems odd, though, that BMW either won’t or is unable to update their existing high-end cars to version 9. Hence, if you were to buy a BMW i4 right now, you would get the same interface as the BMW iX1. The less expensive edition, however, will come with superior software and Android apps and will use Aptoide as the store rather than Google.

Several German manufacturers are responding to this trend in their own unique ways. VW has created its own app store, whilst Mercedes uses Google to a certain extent but does not use Android Automotive. These businesses obviously see the value of technological integration, but they are reluctant to fully enact Google’s Android Automotive package.

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