Chatgpt Co-Writes South Park Episode In The Present

March 24, 2023 (6 months ago)

The most popular issue at the moment seems to be AI. With its ChatGPT, OpenAI sparked a revolution that made the whole IT industry aware that AI is the upcoming big thing. Microsoft spent billion on OpenAI technology in an effort to accelerate its development, and many other firms are collaborating with the business to access GPT’s knowledge. The chatbot’s technology can really produce natural-sounding text to respond to your inquiries. Certain forms of the technology can even produce visuals or build entire 3D metaverse environments. Now, it appears that GPT has a knack for telling engaging stories as well. The South Park creators are always available to inject contemporary topics into the mature animation. Now, it appears like they wrote some of an AI-focused episode using ChatGPT.

As per usual, South Park pokes fun at the current hot issue with a little snark. Artificial intelligence is the main topic of the most recent episode. The title is Deep Learning, and it was published on March 29. It shows South Park Elementary children learning about a new piece of technology that can compose their assignments. This is not too far from reality, after all, some teachers are concerned with the use of ChatGPT in cheating. Although it is an effective tool for studying, it may also provide immediate results, doing the job for you.


The final line of the South Park episode’s credits reads, “authored by Trey Parker and ChatGPT.” Remember that this might just be sarcasm. For the cartoon’s creators, this won’t be a first. If it’s not, though, then we’re truly seeing an episode that incorporates some of ChatGPT’s creations. In reality, the chatbot can create tales when given the appropriate orders. It’s interesting to note in the credits that’s AI-powered text-to-voice generator was used to produce several of the episode’s voices, including the voice of ChatGPT. This proves that artificial intelligence will eventually take the place of human creativity, thus it’s more than simply an episode.

ChatGPT can respond to inquiries and requests with human-like responses. The technology uses neural networks, which are modelled after the brain’s architecture, to analyse information and learn. In recent months, it has been stealing a lot of headlines. The AI initially had a straightforward objective, but it now appears to be capable of effortlessly writing emails, TV shows, and even computer code. The South Park episode aims to demonstrate all that this technology in the modern world stands for. or even “new world”? Indeed, ChatGPT undoubtedly brought about a shift in how society functions.

According to the study, it appears that South Park’s creators are not unfamiliar with AI. Deep Voodoo, a studio dedicated to AI entertainment, was founded by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. To create “deep fake tech, cost-effective visual effect services, and innovative synthetic media projects,” it just received $20 million in investment.

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