China Determined To Go Chinese – Use Chinese Chips Or Pay 400% More

March 14, 2023 (6 months ago)


The Chinese government is now considering its options more due to the U.S.’s well-known measures against China. Self-research is the cornerstone of self-sustenance, as we are all aware, in the increasingly complicated smartphone industry. China is the only country that has the technology to stop the action against Huawei from spreading to other businesses. At the moment, Qualcomm and MediaTek are the most well-known mobile chip brands worldwide. These businesses heavily rely on American technology, although some of our chips are entirely Chinese.

In an interview programme, Minjiang University’s Cao Haitao, a distinguished professor of Mindu Scholars, stated that 30% of cellphones sold in China must employ Chinese processors. A brand that opts to do differently, he further contends, should be required to pay up to 400% more tax. The goal of this, according to Cao Haitao, is to develop the Chinese market. This is due to the fact that markets generate revenue, and income generates investments in R&D. Otherwise, it will always be in someone else’s hands. He claimed that Taiwan’s semiconductor sector uses a lot of resources and is very resource-intensive. Last year, TSMC’s plants used an average of around 150,000 tonnes of water each day. The businesses at the Hsinchu Science and Technology Park need 140,000 tonnes of water every day.


TSMC is the market leader in Taiwan’s semiconductor business, but Chen Keming, the former head of the Taiwan Economic Research Institute of Huaqiao University and director of the National Taiwan Research Association, warned that TSMC’s high value is an issue. Just 20% of TSMC’s owners are Taiwanese citizens, while 80% of its shareholders are from outside. In other words, foreigners steal 80% of the revenue the sector generates. Several online users have also engaged in contentious debates on this subject. The opinions of each person vary as well. Some internet users believe that this should be done, while others believe that it should be handled gently. Many think smartphone performance will be extremely subpar if the Chinese government allows just the use of Chinese processors. How do you feel? If it succeeds, is this a wise move?

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