A Huge External Display Of Galaxy Z Flip 5 Is Showcased In Leaked Renders

March 26, 2023 (6 months ago)

From their introduction, the external display of the Galaxy Z Flip smartphones has been the major source of consumer complaints. And Samsung has made relatively little progress in this area since 2020. It finally caused rivals to get the upper hand. For instance, consider the Oppo Find N2 Flip. With the Galaxy Z Flip 5, things appear to be set to change for the lineup.

Yeah, the external display on the Galaxy Z Flip 4 has already seen enhancements. Nonetheless, Motorola Razr (2022), with a 2.7-inch external display, was in front of the pack despite having a smaller exterior display at 1.9 inches. And the Razr 2023, according to reports, will see Motorola take things to a new level. Thus, if Samsung does not work on the Galaxy Z Flip 5, it will be in a very difficult situation.


However, it appears that Samsung won’t just watch while Motorola dominates the competition without taking any action. How so? The Galaxy Z Flip 5 will have an exterior display larger than the 3.3-inch screen found on Oppo’s original clamshell handset, according to a dependable tipper named IceUniverse.

In addition, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 has recently been the subject of a render leak. There will be two exterior screens on the gadget, according to the renderings provided by the firm SuperRoader. In other words, the phone will feature a little display adjacent to the twin cameras and a single, massive 3.4-inch camera that will take up the remaining space on the front.

The Z Flip 5’s small exterior screen will only display a limited amount of information, according to the renderings. It contains the time, augmented reality emojis, and battery life level. The bigger display, on the other hand, would be used for widgets, fast settings, and alerts. It has a viewfinder function as well. We would, however, dearly love to see some apps operate on the external screen. That won’t be very beneficial if it happens.

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