Google Ads Dashboard’s Top 3 New Additions

March 9, 2023 (6 months ago)


In response to user feedback, Google AdWords is testing new layouts to improve structure and make information simpler to find. There have been several concerns that the current advertisements dashboard is tough and confusing for new users. Just a select few customers are now able to test out the updated Google AdWords dashboard capabilities. The dashboard’s top three modifications include

  1. A new navigation menu
  2. Reorganized interface
  3. A refreshed look and feel



The new design allows customers access to all of Google AdWords’ tools and capabilities from a single, better-ordered menu rather than the three menus that are now accessible. Google claims that this function should make it simpler for you to navigate the user interface and keep track of your position. A “Create” button has also been included. As a result, it is simpler to create advertising and ad groups by choosing the “plus” button, which is conveniently located in one location.


By combining related tasks, the tools and functions have been restructured to make them easier to access. It could take some time to get used to this. Two new categories have specifically been introduced to highlight the crucial components of a successful campaign. It’s vital to note that the revisions had no effect on the platform’s tools or functionality. Also, the business did not eliminate any features.

The two new navigation groups are listed below.

Goals: To emphasise their importance, goals have been underlined in the navigation. With the new menu section, goals and conversion data are gathered in one location.

audiences, keywords, and content: A recently created menu section called audiences, keywords, and content combines the tools used to choose who you want to reach and how to do it. This covers audiences, locations, content, and search terms.

Along with search phrases, various technologies that aid in determining who sees the advertising are now available. Moreover, Campaigns, Assets, Tools, Insights, and Reports are combined in the new design. Together with these, the four menu areas have undergone additional adjustments. The Assets category currently includes the hotels, occasions, and products that advertisers employ in typical hotel and shopping advertisements. As always, a Google Adwords search may be used to discover any website.


There are now more blank areas in the new Interface. These areas will provide a less distracting workspace. Roboto has also been replaced by Google Sans, which is larger and has a higher readability grade. In order to emphasise the current place within the user experience, it additionally provides a blue accent. The menu also includes fresh, fashionable symbols.

Why it matters to us: The redesigns should provide a more user-friendly interface that is tailored to meet the needs of marketers. Google claims that the new design is better organised, contains tools and features that are easier to locate when they are grouped together, and offers a more trustworthy and dependable browsing experience.


The present interface may make it challenging for marketers to use the new structure and capabilities. Currently, this can cause a production slowdown and learning curve. This can result in a short-term decrease in productivity and effectiveness.

Second, some marketers could have created customised procedures or automated scripts based on the prior user interface. These processes or scripts might malfunction or call for a modification to the new user interface. These procedures may need to be updated or recreated, which might add to costs and cause delays.

Last but not least, even though Google has promised that the functionality and features of Google Ads won’t change, there could be some unforeseen errors or hiccups that reduce the efficiency of campaigns.

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