Leaked Google Pixel 8 Pro! Your First View Of The Device Is Right Here

March 15, 2023 (7 months ago)


We all know that Google Pixels are not kept a secret for very long. The Google Pixel 7A was just revealed in all its splendour. And the Pixel 8 Pro is now here. It’s interesting to see that neither Google nor the phone have ever been mentioned. Nonetheless, we all anticipate it.

Yet, the leak was produced by SmartPrix in collaboration with Steve Hemmerstoffer, a.k.a. OnLeaks. And in case you weren’t aware, OnLeaks has a stellar record for releasing information ahead of schedule. Hence, this Google Pixel 8 Pro may be seen of as your first glimpse at the impending gadget.


Hence, the Pixel 8 Pro’s appearance appears to be extremely identical to that of the Pixel 7 Pro. Nonetheless, there are actually some major distinctions. The rear camera bar is the one that stands out the most among them. The entire camera array looks to have been combined into one component, despite the fact that the phone will probably have three cameras on the back.

Without a doubt, this merger gives the phone a cleaner appearance. However, Smartprix withheld any information on the potential sensors that the Pixel 8 Pro may include. Google, though, is most likely to employ an array that will allow the phone to rank this year.

Yet according to the source, the Pixel 8 Pro would have a 6.52-inch screen. The display will be flat, which is also fantastic news. As usual, there will be a hole cutout at the top center of the screen.

In addition, the leaker said that a new Google Tensor chipset will power the Pixel 8 Pro. And as you may already be aware, Google and Samsung have been developing a chip. It may be this new Tensor chip. Also, it indicates that AMD RDNA 2 architecture may be included in the upcoming chipset.

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