It’s Time To End This Useful Google Service

March 18, 2023 (6 months ago)


Google has a history of shutting down services that it deems to be unsuccessful. We may be compared to a lot of services that the company shut down since there was no user consensus on them. Remember Google+? As Google’s social media platform attempted to take on Facebook, Twitter was shut down. Some people never utilised Google+, but there were also many people inside Google+ communities who thought it was a really helpful tool. Even yet, this was unable to save Google+’s demise. Google is now discontinuing Google Travel’s trip summaries, which should be beneficial to certain users.

The only thing to do is look for alternatives when the search engine giant discontinues a service. This occurred with Google+ and Hangouts (as we once knew them), and it will undoubtedly occur with the trip summaries. According to 9to5Google, the search engine giant will stop offering trip details under Travel. Your only remaining choice will be to email your previous and future itineraries to yourself. I know, it sounds too mediaeval. You’ll have to look for other options, then. On May 1, the feature will launch.


You may use the function to chronologically organise information about previously visited locations, flights, restaurant reservations, and hotel stays. The search engine behemoth can also recommend more locations with this capability. Also, you will be able to see details about your forthcoming travel plans, including reservation numbers and departure schedules.

Google Maps will still allow users to check their trip arrangements. You may check the locations you’ve already visited in reverse chronological order by navigating to your timeline and then selecting the Trips tab. Also, Google Photos allows you to view the pictures you shot while travelling. So, the service is not actually going away. It is instead being diluted and incorporated into other already-available apps and services.

The search engine behemoth claims that you may still preserve your travel summary. To choose the Share option, open the overflow menu. All reservation information, including dates, will be sent to your email. This is not to be confused with the Travel app; it is a permanent fixture.

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