Instagram’s Founder Claims That The Social Network Has Lost Its Soul.

March 20, 2023 (6 months ago)


One of Instagram’s co-founders, Kevin Systrom, recently voiced his disapproval of the route the social network has lately gone. According to Systrom, who co-founded Instagram, the site has lost its “spirit” and is no longer what it once was in an interview with American technology reporter Kara Swisher.

Together with Mike Krieger, Systrom co-founded Burbn, a location-sharing platform, in 2010. In the interview, he said that he used to check Instagram to see what his friends and family were up to, but that now days all he sees are content producers and corporations utilising the site to advertise goods and services and earn money.


The issue with Instagram’s economic model, in Systrom’s opinion, is its emphasis on targeting advertisements. While the parent company of Instagram, Meta, may be profiting from this method, many normal Instagram users feel left out. The regular user no longer has much room on the site, which is increasingly focused on businesses and professional producers.

Unintended repercussions of Instagram’s monetization method also exist. Influencers on the site are promoting a lifestyle that many people aspire to but cannot afford by living opulent lives. Instagram has, according to Systrom, turned into a race to the bottom. users vying to be the most immaculate and perfect.

The BeReal platform was commended by Systrom for attempting to preserve part of what Instagram once was. BeReal invites users to share spontaneous, unrehearsed, and unproduced clips from their daily lives. This website was created in reaction to the pressure that Instagram users are under to present a flawless, well managed image of their life.

It’s vital to remember that Facebook purchased Instagram in 2012 for $1 billion. For a bit longer, Systrom and Krieger held the reins, but they finally departed the organisation in 2018. due to conflicts with Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook.


Systrom’s critique of Instagram is a reflection of the rising worry about how social media is affecting our lives. On these platforms, many people feel under pressure to exhibit the ideal version of themselves, which exacerbates anxiety and sadness. The emergence of influencers has also led to the development of irrational notions of what it really means to be successful or content.

The widening gap between content producers and regular users is another effect of Instagram’s emphasis on profitability. Many normal users of the network find it difficult to keep up with influencers who lead extravagant lives. Systrom cautions that this gap may have unforeseen societal repercussions.

The BeReal platform is an effort to deal with some of these problems. by urging users to be less censored and more genuine. It will be interesting to see whether this site can rival Instagram. which has taken over as the main power in social media. Despite the detrimental effects it has on users’ mental and psychological wellbeing.

Finally, Systrom’s critique of Instagram brings attention to the mounting worries about how social media affects our lives. A platform that is more tailored towards influencers and companies resulted from the emphasis on revenue. making frequent users feel excluded. The emergence of influencers has also led to the development of irrational notions of what it really means to be successful or content. The BeReal platform is a reaction to these issues. But whether it can actually provide a substitute for Instagram’s carefully manicured flawless image is still up for debate. As time goes on, it’s critical to keep asking ourselves how social media fits into our lives and how we might utilise these platforms in a way that is real and healthy.

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