March 20, 2023 (6 months ago)

Introduction :

The tech media source Mac Otakara recently showed four 3D copies of the iPhone 15 series, including the iPhone 15, Plus, Pro, and Pro Max. The lack of the notch on the front of the phone, which is evident in the picture, raises the possibility that Smart Island will be included with the iPhone 15 series. Recall that in 2017, Apple debuted the notch with the iPhone X. Since then, this function has been a part of every iPhone. But it seems that the notch form is no longer in use.

Dual sensors, a 60Hz frame rate, and an A16 processor are all still features of the iPhone 15 and iPhone Plus. A17 processor, three sensors, and 120 Hz refresh rate are only found in the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. The iPhone 15 series will thus carry on the strategy used by the iPhone 14 series. In other words, the Pro versions will be significantly superior to the standard ones.

A17 Bionic Chipset :

It’s important to note that this series does not also have a small version. There is no miniature model in the most current display. Perhaps no one will remember the mini, which was made for only two iterations. After years of stagnation, Apple might swiftly initiate a new outbreak. The A17’s single-core running result on the most current Geekbench 6 was 3956. Unsettlingly, the multi-core total reached 8841 points. This is comparable to the mobile M1 chip’s result.

The A16 average result for the iPhone 14 Pro Max is just 2493 on the single-core test and 6173 on the multi-core test. This demonstrates how much the A17 is an improvement over the A16. However, since this running score table doesn’t contain a lot of particular information, its veracity must be proven. The Internet has also made the details of the iPhone 15 series’ architecture accessible in other ways. The iPhone 15 series might have a bent right-angle frame, which would probably improve the hold.

Additionally, the UI makes it obvious that Apple moved from the long-used Lightning port to USB Type-C. Numerous sources assert that although Apple’s Type-C interface may be protected this time, the wire will still retain its MFi accreditation.

Reasons For Price Increase For Iphone 15

You might not be conscious that Apple has kept its top-tier models at $999 since the introduction of the iPhone X in 2017. This also applies to the most current model of the iPhone 14 Pro (the Pro Max begins at $1,099 while the iPhone XS Max is still priced at $1,099). The iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max will break this unauthorized “tradition” this year, according to stocks specialist Jeff Pu. His insider claimed that the titanium frame, A17 Bionic CPU, increased RAM capacity, solid-state buttons, and periscope optical zoom lens of the iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max put Apple under greater financial pressure. This could be the cause of the iPhone 15 series’ price rise.

That this modification will ultimately be applied to the American market does not seem odd. Apple’s primary market, and it regularly increases the cost of its phones in locations outside of North America. This time, the expert made no predictions regarding a price rise for the iPhone 15 or iPhone Plus. In the North American market, the 14/14 Plus begins at $799 and $899, respectively.

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