Face ID Technology Will Be Debutted By iPhone 17 Pro Behind The Screen

March 11, 2023 (7 months ago)


Ross Young, a business insider, claims that Apple is working on a Face ID under-screen technology. Mass manufacture and commercial usage of the technology have been put off until 2025 due to technological difficulties. This indicates that the iPhone 17 Pro will be the first iPhone to utilise this technology. As is well known, Apple introduced the notch with the launching of the iPhone X. To support 3D facial recognition, Apple installed the original deep-sensing camera system (including the dot matrix projector) in this notch.


One of them projects your unique facial spectrum using a dot matrix projector and several imperceptible light spots. The dot matrix pattern is then read by the infrared lens, which also captures the image and transfers the data to the bionic chip. The chip completes the unlocking and verifies the match. It takes milliseconds to complete the operation.

The insider claims that as Apple’s technology advances, the size of the notch screen will steadily decrease. With the most recent iPhone 14 Pro series, the notch was replaced by the pill screen. The whole Face ID mechanism will then be concealed under the display, leaving only the front-facing camera visible. This suggests that Apple will put a lot of fine-tuned pieces beneath the display. Projectors, ambient light sensors, distance sensors, and floodlight sensors are all to be expected. It’s crucial to remember that Apple won’t be the first company to employ this technology. There are a few generations of mobile phones from other companies, including ZTE, that include under-screen cameras.

This solution won’t be made commercially accessible until 2025 at the earliest. We are still on the iPhone 14 series at the moment. This implies that until this technology is available, there will be at least two further iPhone series. The iPhone 15 is the subject of all current iPhone-related rumours. In contrast to the iPhone 14 series, the iPhone 15 series might not bring about any noteworthy changes.

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