The New Iphone SE Will Disappoint You Greatly.

March 5, 2023 (7 months ago)


Although several claims claiming that Apple killed the iPhone SE series, current leaks indicate that this is not the case. Instead, they are all indicating that Apple is well geared up for the upcoming launch of the entry-level iOS smartphone. That is, a new affordable gadget will be released this year with the iPhone 15 series.

You shouldn’t, however, have high expectations for the incoming iPhone SE. The lineup, after all, is not intended to provide you with the ideal iPhone experience. Instead, it aims to whet your appetite for an upgrade the next year by giving you a taste of what the iPhone is capable of. Yet this time, the SE will experience worse outcomes than ever before.


According to the cost of prior models, the next iPhone SE will cost roughly $400. There is no question that the phone will be less expensive than the other iPhones this year when they are released. But, excellent mid-range technology is currently available.

Think about the Honor X9a, which offers a wonderful display and commendable specifications for the price. The new iPhone SE, can it surpass that? There are also many other excellent mid-range devices available, such as the Honor X9a, which Apple will never be able to match in terms of value for money.

Nonetheless, it is true that having the most recent “iPhone” is undoubtedly something to be proud of. The next iPhone SE, however, will see a change in the situation. Even if it has the newest specifications, Apple will keep it back in terms of design. Even more recent leaks indicate that it will resemble the 2018 iPhone XR in every way!

Thus, the forthcoming iPhone SE will once again be Apple’s least strong device. Your want to get an iPhone will be satisfied just enough. Yet, it won’t be sufficient to provide the complete iPhone experience. In reality, a last-generation Pro Max iPhone will serve you better.

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