A Cross Platform File Sharing Solution, Microsoft Edge Drop

March 15, 2023 (6 months ago)


Nowadays, every company tries to shield its own brand from other brands in order to safeguard consumers. All of them are making an effort to maintain things inside the confines of their brands. Sharing files across platforms becomes more challenging as a result of these factors. Sharing a file, for instance, is not as easy while using an iPhone or an Apple Mac. This activity is meant to be really simple, but you need to fidget a little bit to do it.

These days, each platform has its own method for exchanging files. Samsung has QuickShare, Apple has Airdrop, and the list goes on. Each of these file-sharing techniques functions with its own brand. For instance, Apple’s Airdrop only works with Apple products, whereas Samsung’s only works with Samsung products. Microsoft has finally found a way around this restriction. In order to facilitate cross-platform file sharing, Microsoft has launched the Edge Drop capability.

Microsoft has now made the stable version of this functionality available to all Edge Browser users after testing it for months. We will go through what Microsoft Edge Drop is and how it functions in more detail below.


File sharing functionality called Microsoft Edge Drop is built into the Edge Browser. All Edge Browser users may transfer files, documents, multimedia material, and much more between various devices thanks to this capability. Users may also transfer screenshots and notes between devices, which is more.

Edge Drop stands out from other file-sharing programmes because it makes it simple to transfer data to any device. It makes no difference whether platform you use to share on. Whether using an iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone, etc. Any sorts of files may be simply shared to various platforms with this functionality.


Edge Drop is a very straightforward sharing method; it does not use a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. When a user uses Edge Drop to share a file, OneDrive Cloud is where the file is kept. Users may now use any other device to access data stored in the cloud thanks to this.

Microsoft developed this programme to make it easier for you to transfer massive, confidential, and sensitive information among your own devices. Because of this, every other file that wants to access the file has to be signed into the same Microsoft Account that shared it. In order to access the files, the user will also require the Edge Browser.


The Edge Browser Sidebar, which also contains other programmes like WhatsApp, YouTube, etc., has the Edge Drop Functionality. The most recent Edge Browser 110 update includes the functionality. Hence, before using the Edge Browser, you might need to verify and update it.

Just select Settings, then Sidebar, from the three dots in the upper right corner of your Edge Browser when it has been updated. To display the sidebar, just turn on the Show Sidebar button. To begin sharing files between your devices, click on Drop in the Sidebar and then adhere to the straightforward instructions.

Drag and drop is a simple method for transferring files. You should get a notification after sharing on all devices that are logged in. The notice often resembles the picture up top.

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