A New Issue Has Arisen With Galaxy S23 Ultra, This Time Involving The Stylus.

March 5, 2023 (7 months ago)


The popular Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone has a built-in S Pen and other outstanding features. Unfortunately, an increasing number of customers are mentioning stylus-related problems. Namely, the fact that the connection to the gadget keeps breaking.

Since the Galaxy S series absorbed the business-focused Galaxy Note line, the S Pen has been a distinctive feature of the line. Users’ frustration that it isn’t functioning properly is understandable. On Reddit, Samsung community forums, and Twitter, complaints regarding the disconnection issue have begun appearing, indicating that this is a common problem.


Users are informed that the stylus is detached when they remove it from the storage slot. making them put it back in. Several consumers have complained that their pen completely refuses to connect to their phones. As Bluetooth connectivity is required for advanced functions, the S Pen’s disconnection issue is concerning.

The problem can be solved in a number of different ways. Turning on the “keep S Pen connected” option is one solution that appears to be effective for many folks. By going to Settings, choosing Advanced Features, and then touching on S Pen, users may access this feature. This solution could consume extra battery, but it won’t likely have a big impact.

Resetting the S Pen may also be done by accessing Settings, selecting Advanced Features, and then selecting S Pen. further tapping on the top three vertical dots. Nevertheless, this is only a temporary solution, and after some time the connection problems can come back.

Notwithstanding these problems, it’s important to note that the S Pen continues to function even when it’s not plugged in. But, the disconnection issue is probably a software bug, and Samsung will probably fix it shortly.

With the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s launch less than a month ago, customers have discovered several bugs. The device’s display has also been cited as having problems by a number of users. No gadget is impervious to bugs, though, so as long as these problems are resolved, there is no cause for alarm.

The S23 Ultra has received positive reviews from both consumers and critics despite these drawbacks, therefore it is doubtful that they will keep it from ranking among the top smartphones of 2023.

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