Next Week, The World Will Change.

March 11, 2023 (9 months ago)


  • Next week, the world will change…
  • Next week will see the release of GPT-4, which is 500 times more powerful than the existing #ChatGPT.
  • Built on GPT 3.5 with 175 billion machine learning parameters, ChatGPT’s current version.
  • GPT-4, however, contains 100 TRILLION ML PARAMETERS.
  • Videos, images, sounds, numbers, and other sorts of data may all be processed using GPT-4.
  • By the end of next week, it will be possible to create actors for a movie using artificial intelligence (AI), develop a movie, and release it without using real-life actors.
  • You will be able to write a 200 page book from start to finish in one day by the end of next week.
  • The next week, the world will alter.
  • SINGULARITY is in its early stages here.
  • The Singularity’s doors have been opened by humanity.
  • Artificial Intelligence features will be included into the immigration platform I am designing.
  • Africa, wake up! Humanity is advancing past you.

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