The First Time In 60 Years Nokia Makes Major Changes To Its Logo

March 11, 2023 (6 months ago)


Nokia said today that it plans to change its brand logo for the first time in over 60 years in order to be in line with the company’s goal of concentrating on growth. The business will employ a novel style (as shown in the image below). The new Nokia logo, which can be seen in the image, is composed of five different shapes. The characteristic blue undertones of the original logo have also been replaced with a range of colours.

In an interview with Reuters, Nokia Chief Executive Pekka Lundmark said, “That (the previous logo) was about mobile phones and today we are a business technology firm.

As Lundmark became the failing Nokia’s new CEO in 2020, he created a three-stage strategy. Reboot, accelerate, and extend were these stages. Lundmark said that when the restart phase ended, the second phase was going to begin. Nokia’s primary emphasis is now on selling devices to other firms, though it still hopes to expand its service provider company.

Lundmark stated: “We aim to sell our enterprise business as soon as feasible. It presently accounts for around 8% of our revenues, or roughly 2 billion euros, and increased by 21% last year. double digits or higher. The message is loud and clear: We only want to invest in companies with a clear global leadership position.

Nokia’s move into data centres and factory automation will also place them in direct rivalry with major IT players like Microsoft and Amazon. There will be many various kinds of scenarios, sometimes they’ll be our partners, other times they could be our clients, according to Lundmark. I think there will be instances where they are rivals.


Throughout the years, the Nokia logo has seen a number of alterations. The majority of the modifications are minimal and reflect the current development and expansion of the business. Here is a quick timeline of the Nokia logo:

  1. In Tampere, Finland, a paper factory called Nokia is established in 1865. There is no logo as of yet.
  2. Nokia starts manufacturing devices in 1965, and a straightforward logo is unveiled. The word “Nokia” is printed there in blue letters, and there is a little blue rectangle above the “i.”
  3. 1971 – A new typeface and a tiny circle, intended to symbolise a radio wave, are added to the logo.
  4. 1982 – The word “Nokia” appears in large, blue letters as the only part of the logo.
  5. 1992 – A new, more contemporary logo that reads “Nokia” in big, blue letters with a curving line above the I is unveiled. Throughout the 1990s, Nokia’s ascent to market supremacy in the mobile phone industry is associated with this logo.
  6. 2011 – In an effort to rebrand itself, Nokia unveils a new logo in which the name “Nokia” is written in lowercase, a new typeface, and the recognisable “slashed O” symbol. Nokia’s dedication to new technology and innovation is reflected in its logo.
  7. The Nokia brand is no longer present on phones as of 2015, when Nokia sells its mobile phone division to Microsoft. The business unveils a new logo with the phrase “Nokia” in blue letters and a clean, contemporary style.

Nokia now primarily focuses on offering telecom products and services, and this new focus is reflected in the company’s logo.


Finnish multinational telecom corporation Nokia was established in 1865. At first, the business made paper goods. Subsequently, it turned its attention to telecom and electrical equipment. The creation of the GSM mobile phone standard was greatly aided by Nokia. It formerly had the title of biggest mobile phone brand in the world. Nokia has moved its emphasis in recent years to offering telecom products and services, such as network infrastructure and software. The business has also contributed to the advancement of 5G technology. It has also partnered with other brands in the telecom industry to provide these services.

Nokia has made a significant contribution to the telecom sector. It is also acknowledged for its creativity and contributions to the advancement of new technologies. Notwithstanding considerable difficulties in recent years, the firm has remained a significant participant in the telecom industry.

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