Nokia introduces Pure UI, a new user interface design language.

March 30, 2023 (6 months ago)

A fresh user interface design language called Pure UI has been created by the Nokia Design Team. Naturally, Nokia phones as well as a variety of other Nokia goods are designed to use this.

The design has a clear, minimalistic appearance that is currently in vogue and is meant to be constant, adaptable, and future-proof. The general appearance is determined by a number of factors, beginning with templates and guidelines.

The Nokia Pure font, which will be used throughout the UI, is a significant component of the new design.

For Pure, new symbols have also been created. They are constructed using strokes, whose thickness can be changed to suit the visual needs and powers of a particular device. When a specific element needs to grab the user’s focus, they also include smooth movements.

The the Nokia team has prepared standardised components that designers can use to rapidly create displays with a uniform appearance.

Naturally, dark mode is enabled, and elements and icons change their styles appropriately.

Nokia phones have so far maintained an appearance that is very similar to standard Android, but Pure UI should start to gain traction. However, it is not stated how quickly that will occur.

Once more, this will be used on phones as well as other devices. For instance, Nokia Pure UI’s potent components can be used to create intricate web-based displays. The user interface can be scaled to fit everything from small wrist-worn screens to substantial wall-mounted panels.

For a better peek at the new interface, go to


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