Launch Of Realme C33 2023 – A Huge Disappointment

March 15, 2023 (6 months ago)


Realme’s affordable options are often intriguing. But, the firm has recently fallen short of thrilling admirers with its newest products. And the Realme C33 2023 maintains the trend. Not only does the brand-new phone resemble the device from a year ago almost exactly, but the specifications haven’t changed much either.

If you look closely, the Realme C33 2023 is really a completely new iteration of the 2022 model that just happens to include “2023” in its model designation. But does it mean the phone is no longer worthwhile? You’ll need to look over its specifications in order to get to that decision, though.


The 6.5-inch IPS screen of the Realme C33 2023 has an HD+ resolution. A 5MP selfie camera is housed in a waterdrop notch on the top of the display. Likewise, the screen resolution and the front camera characteristics are practically the same as the past year’s model.

The C33 2023 has a 50MP main sensor on the rear. Realme combined it with a depth sensor in an effort to enhance portrait photography. The phone has a Unisoc Tiger T612 Processor under the hood. All of the phone’s internal components are powered by a 5000mAh battery.

Speaking of the battery, it has a microUSB 2.0 interface and can charge at a rate of 10W (seriously, Realme?). Moreover, you get two storage choices: 64GB and 128GB. Using the dedicated microSD card slot, you may increase the storage. Additionally included in the Realme C33 2023’s storage and Memory versions is 4GB of RAM.

So, the configuration of the base model is the only modification in the Realme C33 for 2023. Other from that, the phone is exactly the same as the C33 2022 in every way. Realme nevertheless kept the pricing affordable. Both the 4/64GB and 4/128GB versions are INR 9,999 ($121) and INR 10,499 ($127) respectively.

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