Use Samsung’s 200MP Sensor To Unlock Professional Level Photography

March 18, 2023 (6 months ago)


Just a few months have passed since the launch of the newest Samsung Galaxy S23 series. So, it is nonsensical to talk about the next Gen. Samsung Galaxy S24 series. Leaks, however, can occur whenever they choose, sometimes even years before a launch. The Samsung Galax S23 Ultra has a 200MP sensor, which makes it a capable camera phone.

In order to enhance the imaging capabilities of the company’s flagship models, Samsung intends to continue employing a 200MP sensor on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, according to Samlover rumours. Instead of utilising the outdated 200MP sensor, which offers subpar overall image performance, for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, the business will create a new 200MP sensor. Also, prior rumours said that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s telephoto camera will be upgraded. It is anticipated to include a variable zoom capability and a 150x zoom.


The Google Project Zero security team has said that it has discovered 18 issues in Samsung modems, including those from the Samsung Galaxy S22 series and the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 series. This modem is used by models including the Samsung Galaxy A53 and the Galaxy A53.

In response, Samsung stated: “We have provided a patch version for this vulnerability to all consumers, and the associated issues have now been resolved.” We were notified of a Google Project Zero security problem towards the end of the previous year. Now that the issue has been fixed, all users have it.

This time, four of the 18 vulnerabilities were deemed “critical,” according to a study by Google’s Project Zero security team. The gadget may be remotely destroyed without the victim’s awareness as long as the attacker gets the victim’s phone number. Google also noted that a security update made available in March fixed the issue for Pixel phones.

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