The display of the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic will be 10% bigger.

April 5, 2023 (6 months ago)

The 1.4″ displays on the current Galaxy Watch5 (44mm) and Watch5 Pro (46mm) have 450 x 450px resolution and 321ppi pixel density. Samsung is reportedly planning to add a larger display to the upcoming Watch6 series in addition to bringing back the rotating bezel, according to Ice Universe.

In order to make up for the additional 0.07″, the leaker claims that the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic will have a 1.47″ touchscreen and a higher resolution. While that might seem insignificant, a quick calculation reveals that the new monitor will have 10% more surface area. To keep the pixel density constant, the size should increase to 470 x 470px.


The battery sizes for the 44mm Watch6 and 46mm Watch6 Classic have previously been leaked, and both are anticipated to have a 425mAh capacity. In contrast, the 46mm Pro sticks out with a 590mAh power cell, while the current 44mm Watch5 model has a 410mAh battery. If you still have a 46mm Watch4 Classic, it has a 1.4″ (450 x 450px) touchscreen and a 361mAh battery.


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