The vivo X Fold2 unboxing verifies the design and improves the UI.

March 31, 2023 (6 months ago)

The vivo X Fold2 teases keep coming from the 2023 Boao Forum for Asia, which will be held on Hainan Island in China. A local blogger unboxed the device, which was later reposted by vivo on Weibo, obviously as a planned marketing event to educate followers about the forthcoming foldable.

The new phone has a 3/4 red leather strip on the rear, with the final 1/4 glossy. During our hands-on with the X Fold2, we noticed some new UI elements of the OriginOS Ocean, such as a taskbar for improved app management, multi-window settings, and simple gestures, none of which were present in prior X Fold phones.


There are two under-display biometric readers on the device, one on the cover display and the other in the bottom right corner of the foldable screen. This marks the first time the functionality has been officially confirmed for a folding smartphone.

The vivo X Fold2’s hinge has also been enhanced, according to the writer. It now remains in all positions and orientations, forming a useful kickstand for viewing movies or capturing photographs and videos. It is also about 10% lighter, which is a significant increase over the forebears, which weighed more than 310 grammes.

The vivo X Fold2 will be officially unveiled sometime in April. Given that the phone is nearly available for sale, we anticipate to discover the launch date within the next few days.

The vivo Pad 2 tablet, which made a sneaky cameo in the video and was present at the business meeting, is also expected to make its debut at the event.


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