Windows 11 Default App Settings Will Be Improved By Microsoft

March 20, 2023 (6 months ago)


Windows 11 has received several critiques since its debut. Users were particularly irate about one of them all: how it handles default programmes. Thinking back, using Windows 10 wasn’t at all challenging. Yet, Microsoft made the decision to make the default app handling in the new OS worse.

For instance, you will be compelled to go to the Windows 11 settings area if you do not want Edge to start up every time you click on a webpage or PDF. There, the default app for each app must also be manually changed. There are too many steps and it takes a long time. Now it appears that Microsoft has made a final decision to make things right.


Microsoft said that they are striving to improve the Windows PC experience in a blog post that was published on Friday. A feature that would allegedly provide Windows 11 users more control over default programmes was unveiled by the firm. And to make things simpler for consumers, Microsoft will unveil a new deep link universal resource identifier (URI) later this year.

When users wish to modify how Windows 11 handles particular links and files, the developers will be able to direct them to the appropriate portion of the Settings menu thanks to the deep link URI. Also, Microsoft claims that users will have more control over the desktop programmes that are pinned.

Microsoft also intends to improve the start menu’s and taskbar’s appearance and functionality via a public API. In order to provide applications the rights they need before they appear in interface components, this API will display a question. These features will roll out via the Windows 11 Insider Dev channel before being made available to the general public. Hence, anticipate soon seeing additional coverage.

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