Microsoft’s Xbox Mobile Store is Scheduled To Launch in 2024.

March 24, 2023 (6 months ago)

Finally, there will be a Microsoft Xbox mobile shop for games. Microsoft intends to launch this fantastic new shop as soon as next year. The industry leader in console gaming has developed a brilliant plan to expand its horizons. According to Xbox CEO Phil Spencer, the business is eager to challenge the burgeoning influence of other digital giants like Apple and Google. Of course, the mobile app shops for each of these digital behemoths are already live. Microsoft feels obligated to follow suit. According to Phil Spencer, Microsoft intends to provide Xbox customers with partner content for their preferred screen. The business is unable to deliver content on mobile devices at this time. As a result, it intends to give users who want to play games on their mobile devices more options.


The long-awaited vision of Microsoft has been the Xbox Mobile Shop. A month after announcing its acquisition of Activision Blizzard last year, the corporation made a hint about its next-generation shop. With titles like Activision Blizzard’s Candy Crush Saga and Call of Duty: Mobile, the corporation hopes to take on Google and Apple.

On mobile OS, these are some of the most played games. Microsoft will need to enlist the aid of authorities in order to impose restrictions on its rivals, such as Google and Apple. In the end, it will assist the business in levelling the playing pitch for rivalry or supremacy. As Apple only permits its own products, it is difficult to have competition on iOS and Apple devices.

Also, the Digital Markets Act of the EU may cast a shadow over Microsoft and Spotify. The businesses are hoping that EU authorities would compel Apple and Google to allow third-party apps and services in their app stores. The Digital Markets Act is undoubtedly on its way.

Spencer said,

“The Digital Markets Act that’s coming – those are the kinds of things we’re planning for. I think it’s a huge opportunity. Microsoft currently has no significant presence in mobile gaming, and the [Activision Blizzard] transaction will bring much-needed expertise in mobile game development, marketing, and advertising.”


Microsoft acknowledged last year that it had little to no presence in the mobile gaming market. Microsoft, the last of the major tech firms, is attempting to expand its mobile gaming boundaries. By providing Xbox Cloud Gaming on Valve’s Steam Deck, the business is fast filling the need. Also, it is collaborating on cloud-focused portable gaming devices with Razer and Logitech.

The Xbox manufacturer is significantly depending on the regulatory clearance of its Activision Blizzard purchase to make fantasies come true. Moreover, the Federal Trade Commission and the European Commission are conducting regulatory investigations against the business (FTC).

The acquisition of Microsoft by the European Union is most likely to be approved; nevertheless, the FTC has filed a lawsuit to stop the transaction. FTC attorneys are requesting from Microsoft a “next-generation gaming environment” as the lawsuit is still in its early stages. This will make it easier for the FTC to ascertain Microsoft’s goals in creating the Xbox Game Shop.

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