In Time For March Madness, YouTube Tv Now Supports Multiview Streaming.

March 20, 2023 (6 months ago)


The cost of YouTube TV is increasing in the US, but ideally this will result in higher quality service. This appears to be the case when it comes to features. Happy for you if you’re a die-hard sports fan! Multiview Streaming is now supported on YouTube TV. It occurs just before the NCAA March Madness tournament games! The service is only accessible for sports and is currently in early alpha. It allows you to display up to four sports feeds simultaneously.


You must go to the “Top Choices For You” area in order to use the new function. You may then choose from pre-selected multiview groups from there. For each game, you may switch the audio and subtitles to the stream that grabs your attention and move to a full-screen view.

The new YouTube TV functionality supports all smart Televisions and media players for living rooms. Your gadget doesn’t need to be extremely powerful to utilise the new function; all you need to be sure of is that it can run YouTube TV. German Cheung from the business claims that the processing is sent to YouTube’s servers. Regardless of how many streams you are watching, your hardware just needs to support one feed. Do you know about cloud gaming? The function appears to operate on the same tenet. The technology is a product of YouTube’s co-streaming function.

Worth noting is that not everyone will immediately have the functionality. YouTube will notify the fortunate users via email and notification alerts. The “coming months” will see the implementation of multiview streaming for all customers, according to YouTube TV. The company intends to gradually expand the functionality, according to Engadget. Moreover, it will provide a custom stream selection option. As this is still a work in progress, it is impossible to predict when the feature will be fully functional.

This feature’s release at a good time for the US. March Madness has just just started, after all. Also, the MLB season will start up very soon. Sports is a major factor in terms of content for streaming platforms. As a result, industry heavyweights like Netflix are attempting to get into this market, and YouTube also wants a big piece of the action. It’s possible that YouTube TV may threaten traditional TV companies. For those looking for a full-featured service with multi-view functionality, YouTube TV may seem like a more appealing option.

Once more, this is only the start. Up to the next year, the feature has the potential to improve. Regarding March Madness, the functionality is far more intriguing than the official app. The official software currently only allows four-way streaming online. There are just two streams available elsewhere.


The addition of the function follows a recent price increase for YouTube TV. The business announced a price rise to $72.99 earlier this week for new users. The monthly payment has increased by $8 to that amount. The cost of the service has increased by 114% in the last six years. For the past three years, the previous pricing has been in effect. Yet, given the ongoing changes in the economic environment, we are not particularly shocked to see a fresh price increase. Old users are given some time to adjust by the firm. Only on April 18 will the increased pricing go into effect. The addition of Multi-View capability appears to be a promotion to keep people interested in the software.

More than 100 TV stations are available on YouTube TV right now. The business stated the price jump is because “content prices have escalated”. Moreover, it is spending money on its “Quality of Service”. The last statement is a statement of fact. After all, the business acquired from DirectTV the rights to NFL Sunday Ticket. Each year, it will cost around $2 billion. This bill has to be paid by someone.

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