Audi Released An Electric Bicycle For The Same Price As A Used Vehicle.

March 13, 2023 (6 months ago)


The Audi RS Q e-tron E2 race vehicle served as the inspiration for the electric bike that the German luxury automaker Audi introduced for the Dakar Rally.

The two-wheel innovation has strong qualities. Engineers from the Italian business Fantic built the bike using the XMF 1.7 electric bike’s base. It has a 250-watt Brose engine. The Fantic battery has a 720 Wh capacity. 85 N* m or so of torque. There are four driving tiers, ranging from Eco to full acceleration.

The bicycle’s frame is built of aluminium. High-quality parts are used in the build, such as IN.CAS brake discs, a hlins fork, and a Sram body kit.

The power reserve is anticipated to range from 50 to 150 kilometres. The top speed hasn’t been revealed yet.

An electric bike costs an astounding $10,200.

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