Upcoming Samsung 4NM Third Generation Chips

March 16, 2023 (7 months ago)


If you keep up with technology, you should be aware that Samsung is much more than a phone manufacturer. The business sells a wide range of goods. In 1988, the South Korean behemoth entered the semiconductor and mobile phone industries for the first time. Since that time, Samsung 4NM Third Generation Chips has expanded to take the top spot in the worldwide mobile phone market.

Samsung’s semiconductor division is among the top in the world. The firm manufactures a wide variety of semiconductor devices, such as image sensors, system-on-chips (SoCs), and memory chips. The Samsung semiconductor industry is one of the corporation’s primary revenue streams, and to get here, the company has spent billions of dollars on R&D.


According to a recent rumour, Samsung has been given the go-ahead to start manufacturing third generation 4nm chipsets in large quantities. According to sources, Samsung was able to produce 4nm chips with a very good wafer yield. It is claimed that this chip operates at a very low temperature. The chip will be particularly power-efficient as a result of this. more energy-efficient than its forerunner.

The new 4nm chips will be produced by Samsung starting at the end of H1 2023. Hence, in June or July 2023, the South Korean corporation will start the production process. Single wafer yields at the Hwaseong facility were extremely poor. With the 4nm processors, businesses like Qualcomm had to work with TSMC.


Samsung was unable to even approach 60% of the wafer yield that TSMC achieved. Because TSMC pays for all wafers used in chip manufacture, good or poor, Qualcomm was forced to switch to them. In this situation, it makes financial sense to hire a business that wouldn’t squander a lot of chips throughout production.

4nm and 5nm processors are now the most widely used chips in mobile devices, according Counterpoint research. They account for 22% of all active chips. With 16%, 6nm and 7nm are next. In the US, plants for making chips are now being built by Samsung and TSMC. These plants, which are expected to be operational by 2024, will concentrate on manufacturing 4nm chips.

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